Bespoke Product


There are hundreds of RFiD products in the market from hundreds of suppliers spread around the world, you have tried a few but none of them fully satisfy you!!!


Not a problem…..we can surely help!

With tens of years of experience in the RFiD field Porta Saber team can develop with your input the best suited RFiD product and solution for your requirement.


Yes, experience tells us that sometimes it is necessary to reinvent the wheel or at least to modify it so it better suits our needs.

A full analysis or your company Requirements will lead us to the Initial Concept, once the Concept is agreed it’s time to move on to the product Development and Prototyping.


At this time a series of Iterations will take place where the Prototypes will be subject to the Testing procedures that will make sure all the Requirements are fulfilled.


Once both the Customer and Porta Saber are happy with the result the Initial Production will take place in order to prepare the full-blown production and Product Deployment.



RFiD License Plate

The RFiD License Plate product was the start of Porta Saber IVIS, the RFiD License Plate was first deployed in 2011 in the Republic of Azerbaijan and Porta Saber is still to our days the only company with REAL deployments of the RFiD License Plate.


What does the RFiD License Plate gives you?


Vehicle Registration Guarantees


Stops the Duplication and Cloning of License Plates and Vehicle Registrations


Allows for a better control of the vehicles by the Local Authorities and in the way the Highway Code is enforced


How is Porta Saber RFiD License Plate different?


Its retrofittable, that is it can be applied to existing License Plates and standards*


Its tamperproof and tamper evident, meaning that if the RFiD element is removed from the License plate it will be visible to the naked eye and not possible to apply to another License Plate without destroying the RFiD element


The authenticity of the RFiD element can be checked to guarantee that copies will be recognized upon checking.


Windshield Labels

Windshield Labels are RFiD labels specially designed to be used in Automatic Vehicle Identification system. The design takes into consideration the materials used in the composition of the vehicles windshields.


Windshield labels are commonly used for vehicle access control, tooling and electronic vehicle registration. Windshield labels are also used as a third License Plate in combination with the vehicle RFiD License Plate.


Porta Sasber RFiD Windshield labels are highly customizable in order to respond to the market requirements, it is possible to have specific printing on the labels, the RFiD chip to be used can also be changed depending on the customer and the security requirements.


The windshield Labels very often represent money for this reason the security features are very important, tamper proof and tamper evidence are features that can be included on all Porta Saber Windshield Labels.


Personalization and encryption are other areas of customization normally required. Porta Saber designed and developed specific personalisation equipment to make this a fast, flexible and reliable process in order to respond to our customers requirements.


Porta Saber has direct links with all chip manufacturers and security print houses enabling us to supply very intricate and secure RFiD Windshield labels both on the digital and on the print areas.

Headlamp Labels

Headlamp labels have very specific requirements has they are to be used in motor vehicles without a windscreen or when the windscreen cannot be used.

This situation usually happens with motorcycles and tricycles and for these vehicles the RFID needs to be placed on the headlamp.


This location brings a series of challenges like heat exposure, light radiation exposure, transparency requirement so it doesn’t block the headlamp light, endurance to the elements as normally the labels are placed on the outside of the headlamp.


Porta Saber headlamp label has undergone extensive testing sessions in order to guarantee that all the aspect above are controlled and the quality and durability of the Headlamp Label  falls within the requirements.


Logistics is a traditional area of application for RFiD labels, the ability to track the movement of the packages without line of site allowed logistic operators to stream line their operations and increase customer service levels.


Logistic labels are also often used in warehouse management in order to give to the minute stock positions and the ability to track the movement of raw materials, in process products and ready products throughout the production process and storage.


There are several challenges in supplying good quality Logistic labels, the packages go through an immense number of manual and automatic manipulations and must be able to respond to all the requests in a stable and reliable way.


Retail is currently one of the fastest growing markets for the RFiD technology, large retail groups are embracing the RFiD technology not only for savings in warehouse and stock management but also in the items reposition from the shops stock to the shop front.


RFiD labels can be applied to the garments and shoes in many different ways and so far, there isn’t one standard way of doing it and probably there will never be one since the retail market deals with very different types of products made from a combination of material that can change the way in which RFiD responds.


Porta Saber supplies three different types of retail labels that we believe can cater for most requirements om this market.


The retail market is very conscient on the design and on how products look and feel to their customer that is why Porta Saber retail labels are highly customizable and produced with the necessary attention to its quality and look never forgetting the performance of the label itself.


The three offerings of RFiD Retails Labels from Porta Saber are:

RFiD Security


Porta Saber RFiD Security Pape is another innovative product coming out of Porta Saber development department.

Bringing together our knowledge in the RFiD technology, the production of RFiD products and the requirements of the secure documentation marked Porta Saber created a paper that incorporates in its structure the RFiD Inlay making it virtually impossible to remove without damaging the paper or the RFiD element.


With the use of Porta Saber RFiD Security Paper it is possible to create more secure documents that rely more in technology than printing to guarantee the authenticity of the document.


The combination of RFiD, Secure Printing creates a more secure document at a lower cost.

The RFiD paper can be applied to a variety of documents such as Birth Certificates, Vehicle Registration Documents, Diplomas, Letters of Notes amongst others.


Porta Saber RFiD Securiy Pape also allows for the tracking and locating of documents when used with RFiD enabled folders or storage cabinets.


It is possible to know if a document was moved or removed from its location, find its location in the storage areas and create alarms if required.

Picture off RFiD Secure Document - Link to Datasheet


Tracking / Inventory

Businesses today have a considerable amount of assets that they need to keep track of.


These assets may be pure inventory like tables and chairs or higher value inventory like IT equipment. Machinery, tools, etc. or may be part of their revenue making products or services like pallets, returnable containers or boxes to name a few.


The application of RFiD labels or hard tags allows organisations to locate their assets and valuables so that it is possible to show accountability, plan the work, have a clear understanding of their usage and how they impact the organisation and the operational cost.


Depending on the assets to track, the purpose of the tracking and environmental challenges the correct RFiD element should be chosen. This is a critical part of the process and one where Porta Saber can help so that the options made are the more correct for the requirement.


RFiD Tamper

Evident Labels

Tamper Evident RFiD labels are labels that when removed will keep the RFiD functionality active but it will be evident to the eye that the label was tampered with.


The Tamper Evident functionality can be added to thePorta Saber line of RFiD label products.


There are 3 different way in which the Tamper Evident functionality can be evident:


Single Shot - The label when removed leaves parts of the label on the surface where it was applied and it is no longer possible to re-stick the label.


Multi Shot - The label when removed leaves parts of the label on the surface where it was applied but it is still possible to re-stick the label, obviously it will be noticeable that it was once opened.


Clean Multi Shot The label when removed damages and leaves marks on the glue side of the label no residues are left on the surface where it was applied, it is still possible to re-stick the label, obviously it will be noticeable that it was once opened.


Tamper Proof is often used for brand protection, Windshield labels, Pharmaceutical and Single usage products. Situations where it is necessary to know if the product has been opened or used but where the RFiD functionality must remain active in order to maintain all the RFiD related functionality and controls.

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