About Us

PORTA SABER was Established in 2008

We are coming to our 10th anniversary!!

Porta Saber was born with the objective of creating a group of companies that would encompass diverse fields of expertise, know-how and experience in order to respond to the market requirements with innovative and reliable solutions.


The synergies created by these combinations allow Porta Saber and its partners to respond to a multitude of market demands.

For the past 10 years we have worked in a multitude of projects using different technologies and partners.

Like in any business it came the day when we felt the need for focus and for the last few years Porta Saber has concentrated its efforts mainly in four areas of business:


 — Automatic Vehicle Identification

 — RFiD and RFiD Based Solutions

 — Secure Documents and Security Systems

 — New Business Development


The continuous search for new solutions and challenges lead Porta Saber to apply innovative solutions and technologies like RFiD to well know areas of business such has Vehicle Identification or to take advantage of the latest technological developments and apply them in order to create new areas of business and opportunities.


Feel free to contact us if your organisation has a requirement that needs to be solved or a technology it believes can solve a requirement or a business problem.

We will be happy to take on the challenge and help your organisation to achieve its objective.








Pr. de Alvalade,

nº 7, 5º Esq.

1700-036 Lisboa


Tel: +351 213 191 290

Fax: +351 213 527 619

Mob: +351 912 831 245