RFiD License Plate

Porta Saber IVIS and RFID License Plates are the only RFiD License Plate system fully deployed in the world, Porta Saber RFID License Plate is the Standard License Plate for the Republic of Azerbaijan since 2011 and it has been installed in every new License Plate issued since 2011.


IVIS – Intelligent Vehicle Identification System is the software solution that stores and manages all the information gathered by the RFiD reading points upon reading the Porta Saber passive RFiD License Plate.


IVIS is a full system that manages all the necessary stages starting from the RFiD License Plate Encoding at vehicle registration office, the management of all the readings of those RFiD License Plates at the reading points, the management of the interaction between the different applications and functionalities until the RFiD License Plate is destroyed and deactivated in the system.


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The main initial driver of the product was to stop Licensee Plate Cloning in order to reduce Vehicle Registration Fraud and Tax Evasion in an effective and efficient manner.


The Porta Saber RFiD License Plate and IVIS succeeded in achieving its initial purpose and it was decided to bring to play all the other functionalities the system could offer.


The ability to automatically and blindly identify any tagged vehicle on the road at any time of the day or night in any weather conditions gives the authorities a valuable tool for a number of other functions.


The possibility to apply the Porta Saber RFiD element to existing License Plates is another differentiator of our system.


This feature allows the system to reach the critical mass point much faster and without creating unnecessary costs to the user.


In this way the authorities will start getting the benefits earlier than with other systems.


RFiD License Plate

Stops License Plate

Forgery and Cloning

Increase Visibility

 of the Authorities Work

Other relevant databases can be integrated in the system



Fine Issuing

Fines and road offenses can be spotted by the system and the respective fine issued automatically making the process faster, streamlined and transparent.



Officers will have the ability to read the RFiD License Plate and with that retrieve all the information relating to the vehicles involved ion the accident speeding up the report process.

Automatic Free Flow Tooling

More and more roads are being financed by their usages in the format of tools, free flow tooling enables that process to happen without the need to stop or slow down at collecting points.

Traffic Analysis and Management

The central database will provide critical information on traffic behaviour and trends, enabling the authorities to better deploy their resources and make more informed decisions when planning traffic changes and infrastructure developments.



As vehicles pass by the reading points that passage is stored in the database. This will allow for future analysis of vehicles movement when required.



It is possible to create alarm lists for vehicles that for some reason need to be monitored, this brings a new layer of security to the authorities



The system on its own or combined with other technologies is capable of checking the vehicles speed using both the on the spot and the average speed methods. This can be combined with the automated issuing of fines.



Access to a certain location can be given to a vehicle by checking the RFiD License Plate, this functionality cam be used by the authorities but can also be licensed to private entities like car parks or businesses that need to control accesses.

Porta Saber IVIS and the Porta Saber RFiD License Plate are what we believe to be the future of Automatic Vehicle Identification.The utilization of passive RFiD elements and strong encryptions with the minimal amount of information flying through the communication systems make sure the system and the RFiD License Plate costs are kept low but at the same time guarantee an effective and robust system for automatic vehicle identification that can be deployed and a very fast rate.

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