Security Documents

Working mainly with national organisations Porta Saber has developed national security documents such as Driving Licenses or Vehicle Registration Documents.


These documents are designed and developed specifically for each customer in order to integrate their specific security, design and implementation requirements.


Porta Saber leveraged the knowledge in the public sector to develop security documents that also respond to the private sector requirements.


Porta Saber offers a variety of RFiD products. On our standard Portfolio customers can find RFiD options for several business areas like vehicle identification, retail, logistics amongst other.


In parallel with our standard RFiD portfolio Porta Saber also develops and produces very specific RFiD products focused in solving very specific business challenges faced by our customers.


Porta Saber has the knowledge and the innovative mind to find new products or to reuse and adjust existing products to new or similar business cases.


All Porta Saber RFiD products can be Personalised and Customised whether this is by Pre-Printing the face material, Pre-Encoding the RFiD chip, Personalising the chip user memory, etc.








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