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Porta Saber has a proven record in supplying and implementing secure documentation systems like National and International Driving Licenses, Vehicle Registration Documents, National Identification Documents and other secure documents.


Porta Saber can be a one stop house when supplying security documentation, we are able to supply and develop not only the document itself with all the required printed and digital security features but also the data collection, Data Storage and Document issuing systems.

Currently Porta Saber is supplying such systems and secure documents for the National and International Driving License and Vehicle Registration Documents for the Republic of Azerbaijan.


Porta Saber services include the initial concept the physical design of the document with the integration of the different security features whether these are printed or electronic with contact or contactless technologies.



Security Paper

Porta Saber developed a production method that incorporates the RFiD technology into paper in different sizes and of different types and finishes.


With this innovative process it is possible to combine the printing security features with the electronic security and other functions available with the RFiD technology.


It is now possible to create secure documents that can be checked digitally increasing dramatically its security. The RFiD incorporated onto the paper gives 3 new layers of security Physical, Digital and Content Security.


With the usage of the RFiD technology it is possible for any user with access to an NFC enable phone and an application to check the authenticity of a document.


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