Transport tickets

The ever-increasing requirement for the seamless movement of people has pushed companies to develop new technologies in order to facilitate that seamless movement.

Armed with the knowledge gained from Porta Saber IVIS – Intelligent Vehicle Identification Systems Porta Saber developed line of transport tickets and tokens that will improve this seamless movement.


Again, the RFiD technology applied to the tickets in conjunction with specific reading points are the basic elements of the system.

Due to large number of tickets used and discarded Porta Saber decide to always use paper based tickets easy to recycle and token instead plastic one in an effort of decreasing the environmental foot print left by such solutions.

Porta Saber RFiD Transport Tickets can be used in any type of transport services.

The longer range given by the Porta Saber RFiD Transport tickets allow for a seamless access to the public transport stations reducing in this way the queuing time at access gates.

Porta Saber RFiD Transport Ticket is made essentially of paper which is a fully recyclable material the non-recyclable material in the ticket is negligible. Tickets can still be distributed using automatic vending machines.

Porta Saber RFiD Transport Tickets also create a cashless environment.







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