RFiD Security Paper

Porta Saber developed a unique RFiD paper product that incorporated the RFiD transponder and antenna in its construction, making it virtually impossible to remove without damaging the paper document and or the RFiD element.


All the efforts to create a paperless society have stumbled in burocracies need for secure and authentic paper documents.


The security and authenticity of such documents has so far been guaranteed by a number of more or less complicated printing features that require many times a trained human eye for its validation.

Porta Saber RFiD Paper brings a new and innovative layer of security and authenticity check to paper documents by imbedding intelligence in to the document allowing for matching the information o the document with the information encoded and encrypted to the RFiD chip.


The validation of such documents can be made with a simple NFC enabled smart phone bringing the authentication process to every user trained or not.

Porta Saber RFiD Security bring a new layer of security to documents, the embedded RFiD transponder brings intelligence to element of our lives that can require high security features but continues on relying in old printing security features.

The correlation between the print information and the encoded information create a highly secure document.

Porta Saber RFiD Security Paper leaves the embedded RFiD Antenna and chip visible to the naked eye creating an initial low level security check that can be done by everyone that looks at the document.

Any document can be printed on RFiD Secrity Paper. The information printed is partialy encoded onto the RFiD chip creating a correlation between the print and the information securely encoded in the chip.

The verification of the Porta Saber RFiD Security Paper can be den with standard RFiD devices depending on the RFiD Chip chose it is possible to rad it with a simple smart phone with NFC technology.

With the RFiD Security Paper it is also possible to track the flow of that document as it goes through the several stages of it usage and purpose.







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