RFiD Footwear

The application of RFiD to work specific footwear brings a new and innovative way of managing and tracking people in work environments. In partnership with a supplier of industrial footwear Porta Saber developed a process that embeds the RFiD technology inside the shoes at the footwear production.


The existence of RFiD in the Footwear will allow for the tracking, location and management of workers in the work premises.

Currently the footwear is available for Industrial / Manufacturing, Construction Sites, Hospitals and Police Forces.

The RFiD is embedded in the footwear during its production so it can not be removed and its available from the offset.

The ability to identify the RFiD Professional Footwear user will also allow for the allocation of equipment for that same user

Worker identification is another benefit given by the RFiD technology, when passing by the RFiD gates it is possible to check the validity of the combination RFiD Professional Footwear user and Identification data existing on the central system.

Tracking and location the worker its possible with the RFiD Professional Footwear the system will give the area where that specific user is at any given point in time.

RFiD Professional Footwear enables the creation of restricted areas where workers are only allowed depending on preset permissions, alarms can be created for breaches or breach attempts.







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